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The Quebec Hotel Association is proud and pleased to advise you that we have chosen SUPERIOR ENERGY MANAGEMENT as our natural gas partner. To take advantage of this unique opportunity, just fill in the attached form and fax it to Rene Natola or Joe Chiavarini 514.695.2569  
The Association has negotiated a bulk gas purchase arrangement with Superior Energy Management that provides prices for our clients that are generally reserved for only the largest of customers.  
Superior Energy will provide the best available price that will be confirmed when you sign up.  
WHO IS SUPERIOR ENERGY MANAGEMENT     (SEM)? Superior Energy Management is a 100% Canadian Company. SEM is proud to be a member of a $2 Billion dollar Canadian Company (Superior Plus Income Fund- Superior Propane) that is in the business of providing energy to Canadian home and business owners for over 50 years.  
Superior Energy Management is committed to reducing and stabilizing natural gas costs home and business owners. Through our fixed rate natural gas programs SEM customers in the price they pay for natural gas today for up to 5 years. Through our price protection SEM customers never see an increase in the energy component of their gas bill for their agreement.  
WHY ARE NATURAL GAS PRICES RISING? Natural gas is a limited resource – demand for natural gas is greater than supply.  
Natural gas is being used more and more to make electricity – a massive new demand for natural gas.  
New natural gas pipelines have been built from Canada to the U.S.A- U.S. buyers are pushing up the price of Canadian natural gas.  
American companies are trying to reduce their use of oil by switching to natural gas – pushing up the demand for natural gas.  
Demand for natural gas continues to grow in Ontario along with 80,000 new homes that are being built per year.  
Natural gas wells are depleting at rates much faster than expected – meaning there is less natural gas than we originally thought!  
WHY ENROLL WITH SUPERIOR ENERGY MANAGEMENT? You get the peace of mind of knowing that Natural Gas price increases cannot affect you for up to 5 years.  
7,000 customers sign up weekly on fixed rate programs in Ontario – they are doing so because of the savings that can be achieved and the real fear that natural gas prices will continue to increase.  
No hidden surprises due to surcharges, gas increases, retroactive adjustments or administration fees.  
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